We are living in difficult times. Whether you are experiencing depression or anxiety for the first time or your existing issues have been exacerbated recently, you are far, far from alone. We are all dealing with unprecedented stresses, including those caused by the pandemic, economic turmoil and political uncertainties. Even those who have never thought of therapy before may need a helping hand right now.

Feelings of isolation, confusion, anger and sadness have become part of our everyday lives. Our usual outlets for comfort, from spending time with family and friends, to participating in various forms of entertainment, are, in most cases, temporarily out of our reach. For many, the isolation is overwhelming.

Please know that therapy can allow you to feel better. I am here to help you get through these unusual times. For everyone’s safety, I have temporarily changed my practice to be a virtual one. Speaking with your therapist online may not be your first choice, and it may seem odd to you at first. I assure you that, once you get used to it, we will have meaningful and productive sessions via secure telehealth.

Please contact me to let me know how I may help you.