I strive to create a lively, genuine relationship with my clients, because I believe that the most effective element in the success of any treatment is the relationship between the patient and therapist.

I have been a psychotherapist for over 10 years, and work utilizing a psychodynamic approach. I see therapy as a collaborative partnership, one in which we work together to expand your understanding of yourself, achieving greater self-acceptance and enhanced self-esteem. As you come to identify your strengths and coping skills, you will be better prepared to remove personal obstacles, face challenges, engage in healthy relationships and achieve your personal goals.

I know that the road to personal and professional success is not easy and can often be discouraging; I also know that personal growth and professional accomplishment can be achieved and is best understood as a life-long process. I am an intelligent, broad-minded and compassionate professional and look forward to engaging in this process with you.

I work with adults of all ages and have the ability to treat a wide range of problems and personalities. I have advanced training in the treatment of depression and anxiety and am experienced in the treatment of personality disorders. I specialize in exploring the impact of trauma and stress on individual functioning, and work with clients to overcome barriers to career, social and relationship success.

In our therapy sessions, we will work to identify the underlying beliefs and patterns as well as past experiences that may be contributing to difficult feelings and situations you are dealing with right now. You will come to understand how your thoughts affect how you act and feel, and will learn how to think about yourself, your life, and your relationships in more satisfying and effective ways.


Certificate in Trauma Studies, Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis, 2017
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety, Beck Institute February 2015
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression, Beck Institute September 2014
Certificate in Relational Psychotherapy, Stephen Mitchell Center 2013
Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Metropolitan Institute for Mental Health 2009
Master of Social Work, Fordham University 2004
Bachelor of Science, St. Louis University 1980

Work Experience

Fifth Ave Counseling Center 2010-2014
Psychotherapist Metropolitan Center for Mental Health 2006-2009
Psychotherapist CIS Counseling 2004-2006
Restaurant Owner 1987-2000